Monday, November 23, 2009

Regarding my recent absence

I haven't said much on this site recently and for good reason. When your trading you buy something that you think is about to go up, and sell what you think is going to go down. I've told you to buy for months. I have rarely told you to sell... Can you read between the lines?

I will continue to be absent. This environment is unlike what I expected but is what I should have anticipated. I will give you my thoughts for now and go into detail about them in the next few days coming.

I have told you why to buy IAG for quite some time now. I continue to think so. Today as it surpasses $20 do you still doubt me?

GSS will break the 4 mark onward to 5. This I am 100% sure of. Having patience is grueling but remember this... it is easier for a producing gold company to turn profit than for a explorer to get into production. Soon profit in $'s will be obsolete. Investors will focus only upon proven gold and a history of the ability to mine it. This will continue to be a top 3 pick of mine until you realize why.

Newmont has always been my favorite major miner. they have proven to all the nay-sayers why recently... this will continue. I expect $100 in less than 3 years.

First Majestic... (either FR.To on Toronto or FRMSF on the pink sheets) is a remarkable silver company. Silver will due dramatic things soon. There is too much to right here. Call or email me and I will explain why.

This is also true for FNNVF or FNV.TO Franco Nevada.

GPRXF or GDP.V Golden Predator which is for all intensive purposes a penny stock, at less than $.70 a share, but right now they have $10 million in cash... again call or email and I'll explain there situation.

My arthritis is acting up so ill post when I can, if I can. Call or email for any questions.

Remember 1200-1250 buy the end of 2009? I've said it for 6 months! It's already here.

These are the days that separate the mice from the men my friends...


Monday, November 9, 2009

Goldman Sachs, brokerage firm of choice by The Almighty

What?!! Goldman's CEO claims that he believes there doing "God's Work"? Yeah? So did the Son of Sam. Leave it to the biggest most currupt firm in the world to elevate themselves to "Apostle" status. Get over yourself! Your an investment banking firm! You fuck people over daily! There is no way in hell your doing "God's Work" unless he just called asking you to buy him 35,000 shares of Yahoo. (And if he did, what kinda margin requirements are given to the alpha and the omega?)

Gold Is God's money. Goldman is the biggest gold short. Mark my words, if you short God's money and go around mouthing off that your doing his work by doing so, you will have your day of reckoning.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Told ya...

There are still 2 weeks left on my time line and gold prices have hit 1096; a whopping 4 dollars away from my 1100 target.

1200-1250 or higher by the end of the year. Write it down. Do you understand that this is going to happen, or are you still letting Robert Prechtor convince you Gold is going to $250?

I'm in the process of changing my title from "Financial Manager" to "Psychic". I think I'll have more look convincing people what's going to happen by telling them "The neighbors dog told me the market was going to crash" than by giving them any sort of actual logical and fundamental reasons why.

1100 is here, 1200 is sooner than you think. Trust me, it says it right here on the crystal ball.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Anyone paying attention?

The break up I spoke about 1 week ago has occurred. Gold is now less than $10 from its high, and $35 dollars from the 1100 target that I wrote would most likely occur in 3 weeks. The top at 1070 will be taken out soon. 1100 will follow. This is no longer an opinion or a hunch but a certainty. The dollar is dead. The dollar has been dead. The fact that America in general has yet to smell it's rotting corpse, does not make it any less dead. Those of you in the gold community know this to be true.

I can not stress to anyone in the form of words how important this is. I want you to remember that I do this for free as a service, because I pray that maybe at least a handful of people might listen to me. Those who fiddle around trading Google and Microsoft will miss an extraordinary move in the gold market, and there wisdom will tell them not to buy because it's too late, they missed it. These same people will come crawling back to buy gold at prices double what they are now. THIS CAN ALL BE AVOIDED!!! Protect yourself, your finances and your family from the ultimate government tax; inflation.

I will help anybody who asks. This is so crucial now if you have any questions as to this or need help as to how to invest in gold you can email me at or call me at 908 722 8636. That is my home phone number. That is how seriously important this now is.

Get your finances in order now. By Jim Sinclair's count, 1 week to go, by mine, time is and has been up.

-Jonathan Mergott