Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My 2009 gold target has been hit. From here on in I will be posting less and less. This is not the time to try and trade. I don't. From now on I will advise as to what I think is the next big move to allow you to "shift' your gold positions as apposed to trading them.

I've said for months GSS was my big pick. Today after a 12% gain closing at 4.20 I'd hope you understand why. TRE went from the 3 range to 3.80 range. IAG went from what I originally bought it at, at 6 to 20. These 3 continue to be my big players. They will cease to be when I tell you otherwise. Also look into Golden Predator (GPD.V or GPRXF) First Majestic silver (FR.TO or FRMSF) and Franco Nevada (FNV.TO or FNNVF) If you want to know what my whole picks list is you can check Motley Fool for the name Alchemy Financial. on "My Caps". For the record, out of almost 70,000 people, I'm doing better than 90% of them so far. (that will change to more like 97% within the next year, this I am certain of.)

Good luck, stay long and try not to panic. 1700, 3500, and 5000 are certain. You can bet your life on it... I do...